Please remember the size and bag limits for fishing and obtain local advice before crossing the bar to go ocean fishing. For more fishing infomation and advice visit the friendly staff at the Sussex Inlet Tackle & Toy Shop.

Popular Local Species

Dusky Flathead

Dusky Flathead

Where: Main Inlet, Keys, St Georges Basin, Outside, Seriosuly they are everywhere! Look for drop-offs.

Best Baits: Live poddy mullet, but will take just about anything while drifting. Love a soft plastic. 100mm Squidy Wriggler is a favorite

Can you beat our office catch and release record of 84cm?



Where: Main Inlet, Keys, Beaches, St Georges Basin. Look for structures.

Best Baits: Prawns, marine worms, small baitfish.



Where: Beaches, St Georges Basin.

Best Baits: Pichards, lures

If you are fishing with soft plastics in the basin and keep having your lure bitten in half, then this fish is most likely guitly



Where: Main Inlet, St Georges Basin. Look for sand flats.

Best Baits: Saltwater nippers, marine worms, peeled prawns.



Where: St Georges Basin, Offshore.

Best Baits: Squid, prawns, fresh fish strips

Australian Salmon


Where: Beaches. Dusk & dawn are best.

Best Baits: Pichards, lures

Not the best eating fish, but they are incredible fun to catch especially on light line

Boat Ramps

Nielson Lane

Located at the end of Nielson Lane near the main street and shops, this ramp has a single slipway suitable for medium to large sized boats. There is a single jetty plus fish cleaning facilities. This is the closest ramp to launch from for a days fishing in St Georges Basin.

Chris Creek

Situated off River Road, opposite Harbord Street, this single slipway is suitable for smaller boats. No jetty here so you will have to get your feet wet. Basic fish cleaning facilities, no running water, a great start to explore the keys.

Lions Park

The largest boat ramp in the area, located at the end of Lakehaven Drive in South Sussex. There is a double slipway suitable for larger boats as well as two jetties and undercover fish cleaning facilities with running water. Launches straight into the main inlet and is the closest ramp to the ocean.


Situated at the end of Sussex Road in South Sussex this ramp is suitable for medium sized boats. No jetty or fish cleaning facilites

Swan Lake

Two ramps launch into Swan Lake, a hotspot for water skies. No jetties. The larger slipway is located off The Springs Road at Cudmirrah, while a smaller slipway in Swanhaven at Dyball Reserve would only be suitbale for light craft such as kayaks