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Sussex Inlet
Sussex Inlet
Originally settled in 1880, Sussex Inlet has grown from a small holiday village into a well-equipped community. Much of the town is built around a system of tidal canals, offering water panoramas and easy access for boating enthusiasts. There are ocean beaches just to the south and the broad expanse of St George's Basin to the north.

Secluded coastal village that is lucky enough to be host to some of the best swimming water and beach fishing on the south coast. There is a surf beach as well as a tidal lagoon for swimming
The small village of Cudmirrah is located a short drive away from Sussex Inlet, and is ideally positioned to take advantage of the stunning coastline and both beach and lake activities.
Situated on the eastern side of Swan Lake. The lake is brackish salt water and plays host to a number of water activities including sailing, swimming, water skiing and fishing. On the edge of the lake is an area set-aside for family recreation. It caters for young children to adults.


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Local Walks

Chris Creek to Badgee Bridge
Start at the boat ramp at the end of River Road near Chris Creek bridge. Follow this path along the water pass the RSL Club until you reach another bridge. You can follow over the bridge around Badgee or return back to Chris Creek
Alamein to the Haven
Enter the Alamein caravan park and walk along the river to the end of the park, on your right leading into the bushes you will find stairs that will lead you to the Haven. There are a lot of steps on this walk so it might be a good idea to have your hiking boots on.
The Haven to Stingray Bay (If you swim here be aware of the stingrays).
Head south from the Haven and make sure you take the camera with you, as the views on this walk are something you will always want to remember. This walk is only possible during low tide.
The Haven to Surf Club
It is recommended that this walk be done at low tide only because of the rocks you will have to negotiate. From the surf club you can walk back to the Haven by road making it a round trip. This walk is long so you might want to take a bottle of water with you. You can also start at Alamein road and head up the big hill via the Road.
Fisherman’ Rock
Walk west along the bush path from the play ground at Berrara Creek to Fisherman’s rock. During wet weather this track is impassable. This is a good steady walk with many varieties of flora and fauna to view.
Berrara Lagoon to the Mermaid Pool
This walk is easiest at low tide, as the sand is firmer to walk on at the waters edge. You can choose your own pace on this walk. Great for the kids and even Nanna and Pop might like this walk. Take a plastic bag in your back pocket and pick up any washed up (rubbish) this help us to keep this beach as nature intended. Beachcombing keeps this walk interesting. Keep a look out for the dolphins and whales they are out there and they might even put on a special show for you and your family.

Please remember to take all rubbish, home with you when you are out and about on your walks.



This beautiful rock pool is located at the end of Berrara Beach. It is a stunning walk and swimming spot for all to enjoy.

Located at the end of Medlyn’s Avenue is a small private beach which is great for the littlies as there are no big waves.
Fishermans Rock
At the end of Berrara Rd, you will find a dirt track to the left going behind the houses on Sundowner. At the end of the track there is a great swimming spot and jump rock which the big kids will love.
The Haven
Located on Pacificana Drive before the Surf Beach is a small holiday park called the ‘Haven’. You can park at the end of the road and walk down to the water which is always beautifully pristine.
Berrara Lagoon
Situated on Lakeland Avenue and also by Berrara Beach, the lagoon occasionally open up to the ocean. It is great for the little ones to have some fun.

Surfing Spots

Taboo/Sussex Point
Located just before Sussex Surf Beach is a dirt track to the left that will take you out to the far end of the beach. This spot is for more advanced surfers.
The Reef
Located at the end of Third Ave, Cudmirrah. This spot is for intermediate surfers.
Berrara Beach
Located in Koolyn Drive, Cudmirrah. This spot is for beginner surfers.

Water Sports

Water Ski/Jet Ski

The best place for these sports which is Swan Lake which is the location for all water activities. St Georges Basin is also great for water sports as it is a large area with no speed limits.
Stand Up Paddle/Kayak
Best locations are Swan Lake and Berrara Lagoon. It is also great to paddle around the Inlet and Keys.


The Cove
Located at the end of Silversands Drive, Berrara